Thursday, December 10, 2009

i WAS gonna post this but forgot

until i just saw it in boing boing

plus this is WAY WAY WAY better than that woman who found a stupid arse egg with a 'cross' on it (it was just a wonky misshapen egg). this is a COW with a cross!!! (no, i don't think it's a divine symbol my peeps. i think it's a darn cute calf)

Calf with a cross on its head

David Pescovitz

Praise be, this holy calf was born a week ago on a Sterling, Connecticut farm owned by Brad Davis. From WFSB:
Davis said, "Well, I think it's maybe a message from up above. I'm not sure. We're still trying to figure that out."

Megan Johnson of Sterling said, "Well I wasn't surprised. I wasn't surprised at all because the dairy industry has needed a miracle for a long time and this is it. I think it's divine intervention, personally. I'm in the breeding business and I know about reproduction and genetics and I don't think this could happen again in a million cows."

"Cow Born With Divine Symbol" (via Fortean Times)

here's the wfsb link

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