Thursday, August 06, 2009

two things

i never really thought this would happen in connecticut. i thought we were smarter and better than that (i thought wrong)
what the f**k do they think is going to happen to our country if we don't do something NOW about health care (one among a TON of other things king george either IGNORED, SWEPT UNDER THE RUG OR LIED ABOUT)? really we're literally going to hell in a handbasket here. people are suffering and this is only the beginning. where were all these assholes when king george was introducting the country to the devil?

so go ahead. listen to lou and glenn and flush and bill and ann and sean. believe what they say. hide your head in the sand. i'm gonna walk all OVER your sticking up asses in that case

Protesters Disrupt U.S. Representative's Meeting At Simsbury Supermarket
The Hartford Courant
IMSBURY— - Chanting "Dump Chris Dodd" and "No national health care," scores of angry constituents confronted U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy at a meet-and-greet outside the Super Stop & Shop Wednesday afternoon.

Murphy, a Democrat who represents the 5th District, routinely holds informal office hours at supermarkets and strip malls, but such gatherings are generally uneventful. This time, many of the 150 or so attendees were so boisterous that Stop & Shop management called the police to ask that the crowd be moved from the store's entrance.

The scene in Simsbury is being replayed throughout the nation this week as congressional Democrats convene town hall forums and other public get-togethers to win support for the Obama administration's plan to overhaul the health care system.

One conservative group critical of the plan has put out a call to members, encouraging them to attend these gatherings and voice their opposition to the member of Congress hosting the event. U.S. Sen. Christopher Dodd, a Democrat and a leading architect of the health care overhaul, has become a chief target........


Anonymous said...

Looks like dangerous times ahead, doesn't it!?

a rose is a rose said...

oh yes it sure does. (and i've bookmarked your blog. i'll delve into it little by little)