Monday, August 31, 2009

julia and spiro got married saturday at

honora winery and vineyard in west halifax vermont. it was wonderful and beautiful and touching and fun. since most if not all of their friends are in the service industry (his from the half door and hers from max's, they got school buses to lug us from the the grand summit hotel at mount snow to the vineyard. wicked smart. it would have been a treatcherous drive even if we weren't a bunch of drunken assholes. dirt roads up and down the green mountains. wow wow wow. anyway we all got there and back to the hotel safely.

the hotel was very nice as well. giant fireplace in the front lobby. it was lit when we got back from the wedding. the fireplace at the vineyard was lit later on as well. both were the middle of the room ones, stone, open on all four sides.

i will say many people (not me this time believe it or not) turned into drunken monsters. i don't mind drunk (as long as you're not driving). i do mind monsters. i do mind when you do bad things or disrespectful things. 'nuff said

i'm not a person who gets star struck. julia has a famous uncle. her uncle happens to be in the rock n' roll hall of fame. we can't ALL say that. he was a genuinely nice and funny man. i know he'll never read this BUT i just wanted to apologize for not GETTING HIS JOKE. i am really not stupid and i really wasn't drunk either. the lightbulb just didn't go on till a day after. yes steven, I KNOW PINK IS YOUR FAVORITE COLOR

here are just a couple of photos.

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