Monday, July 06, 2009

we have copperheads too

i saw a bunch of 'em (babies) in the west hartford rez years and years and years ago. haven't seen a real snake (in the wild) for a long time. i did see a rattler when i was a child on my noni's property. she told me how they smelled. she also taught me to pick mushrooms and what herbs do what to whom

anyway, WATCH OUT y'all

Man Bitten By Rattlesnake In Marlborough

MARLBOROUGH - A 45-year-old Wallingford man bitten by a rattlesnake Sunday is recovering at Hartford Hospital. Robert Burns was celebrating the Fourth of July weekend at his wife's aunt's house in Marlborough when he a relative found the snake, said his wife, Jodie Burns, 28. "He thought he could get the snake. Bobby picked it up with a stick," she said. The snake bit Burns as he went to grab it, she said.................

pic: Robert Burns of Wallingford shows a visitor his swollen left hand where he was bitten by a 5-foot-long rattlesnake Sunday. Burns, who is being treated with anti-venom medication at Hartford Hospital, was attending a July 4th weekend picnic at a relative's house in Marlborough, a property that abutts Rattlesnake Mountain, when he was bitten. Burns said it the most intense pain he has ever felt. (CLOE POISSON / HARTFORD COURANT / July 6, 2009)


Anonymous said...

As part of followup medical protocol, further tests were conducted on Mr. Burns which revealed that 2 cerebral quadrants (one fore and one aft) were not functioning. "This might be a good explanation as to why he attempted to pick up a poisonous snake in the first place", Dr. David Chloe a staff surgeon at Hartford Hospital surmised. "We actually have no idea as to how long Mr. Burns has been functioning with only half a brain.".

One might argue that the 2 cerebral quadrants in question may have never worked.

a rose is a rose said...

oh my goddess, i like to have spit out my iced tea!

damn you! (but thanks for the laugh)

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