Saturday, July 18, 2009

i'm old enough to know who ned coll is

and this rather shocked me.................

i will say, my friends own the half door, plan b and of course tisane

i don't go to tisane if i can help it. EXCELLENT food, but i just hang elsewhere.

i don't know jack. i can't speak for him. what i CAN do it tell you i hang in the area. i CAN tell you it does have people who panhandle. i CAN tell you i learned my lesson after giving peeps money a LONG time ago (it's spent on drugs or drink.. no ifs ands or buts. not a doubt. it IS. i know that for a fact). i know all the businesses in the area, NOT JUST TISANE ask the panhandlers to move on. i personally know them ALL. (i do). I NOW ASK THEM TO MOVE ON (my favorite was the time several winters ago, gary (my personal favorite) came up to me (on a very snowy sunday AFTERNOON), opened his coat and asked me if i wanted to buy frozen meat (I'M VEGAN MY PEEPS). now come on. even if one was a carnivore would you buy frozen MEAT from someone who had rows of it stashed in their coat?????????????

anyway, my point being, the businesses around the west end are sometimes bothered by the garys and the delores' (my personal favorite crack ho in the ENTIRE universe. no, i'm not being insensitive. no, i'm not being un-pc. i am being HONEST. delores would walk up to me and say, 'a rose is a rose, you look BEAUTIFUL' wait 3 beats then say, 'do you have $20.00'?. yes, it's true). i gave her some 20s to begin with. then i insisted upon going into the bodega with her to BUY SOME FOOD (and yes, she did buy food when i went with her. unfortunately delores is no longer in the hood. i do hope she's ok. i LIKE her. there were times she was locked up and she came back to the hood looking healthier than i've ever seen her. she's been gone t0o long this time. keep your fingers crossed for her).

not that ned isn't allowed in tisane, but WTF???????????? it's rather like seeing him in black and blue square. just some place you'd NOT expect him (or ME) to be

Activist Ned Coll Arrested After Tiff At Tisane

HARTFORD — - Ned Coll, the activist and sometime presidential candidate, was arrested about 11 p.m. Tuesday after getting into a dispute with the manager of Tisane, a Farmington Avenue restaurant.

Police said Coll was a patron at Tisane when a panhandler who frequents the area walked by. Coll gave the woman some money, then began to speak with her.

The manager of Tisane asked the woman to move along, police said. Coll became upset with the manager, and the situation escalated to the point that restaurant staff called police.

Coll, 69, who lives in Hartford's West End and has a home in Barkhamsted, was charged with second-degree breach of peace and first-degree criminal trespass. He was released on a written promise to appear in court today in Hartford.

Coll said Tuesday afternoon that the woman approached him.

"This lady came up to me, and she was poor, and I helped her," Coll said. "This guy cuts in and says 'don't give her any money.' That's where I got ticked. It's not his business if I'm helping somebody."

Coll, who founded an anti-poverty agency called the Revitalization Corps, said restaurant staff then attacked.....................

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