Monday, July 27, 2009

i don't know if there IS such a thing

and frankly i am a little bit dubious, but stranger (wayyyyyyyyyyy stranger) things have happened. if it IS true, they should throw the book at the people involved. i in no way shape or form think animal fighting should be legal. i think there is something WRONG with someone who doesn't think it's wrong too. and no, i'm not going to dance around this. you're effed up if you think it's ok for YOU to hurt an animal or think it's ok to watch an animal being hurt.

Police Bust Canary Fighting Ring In Shelton

SHELTON - Multiple state law enforcement agencies busted up a bird fighting ring in the town of Shelton Sunday morning. However the birds involved are known more for their voice than violence. Police confiscated nearly 150 songbirds- canaries and saffron finches- from a home at 176 Ripton Road. Police say the birds were being prepared to fight. The raid was led by Shelton Police with help from the Department of Agriculture and officers from Bridgeport, Ansonia, Fairfield, and State Police departments. "They have a cage in the middle that's set up like a ring, where the two will go into one cage and fight." said Shelton Police Sergeant Robert Kozlowsky. "It's looking like animal cruelty and illegal gambling..........
pic: Police carry out cages of Canaries. (RYAN BERNAT / FOX61 / July 26, 2009)

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