Tuesday, June 02, 2009

lions and tigers and

bear OH MY!

(i watched a bunny in my yard yesterday for a while. the bunny was NO bear though)

Bear Captured in West Hartford
The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD - A young black bear ambled through town for several hours today before it was captured by the Department of Environmental Protection and released at a state forest, said Police Chief James J. Strillacci.

"He was a little guy. The DEP said he was maybe 2 ½ years old," Strillacci said. "He was pretty cute."

The bear was first spotted between 8 and 9 a.m. in a yard on Sedgwick Road...........

the following nbc 30 site has cute video of the bear (i'm guessing it's the bear in question)

Tranquilizer Ends Bear's Day Out


The daylong outing for a bear in West Hartford ended with a drowsy 10-foot slide down a tree behind a house on Boulevard Monday.

The bear’s day out got people’s attention Monday morning when someone spotted it near Sedgewick Middle School.

Since bears do not belong at a middle school, officials set off on the animal’s trail.

Later, the bear, which is about 150 pounds and 3-years-old, was spotted in the area of Boulevard, a tree-lined street of upscale homes where one is more likely to see a designer dog than a bear...........

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