Tuesday, May 19, 2009

a very nice story was in the courant yesterday

on the coffee trade in avon. as i've mentioned before, i worked in avon for a kazillion years. i've had MANY a cup o' steamin' joe at the coffee trade. i loved it there. it's not just a coffee shop you know, it's got STUFF. lots of STUFF. antiques type of stuff. it's in an old house (it appears to be an old house, but who knows????) and there are three separate sitting rooms. there are antiques in all of the rooms. it really is quite charming PLUS THEY HAVE DAMN FINE COFFEE. oh, if you're a tea drinker (and i've been known to partake now and again) they have quite a variety to choose from. they also make up gift baskets; coffees, teas, accouterments, biscotti, etc. if you're in the hood, DO stop in. it's right on route 44

Dick Portfolio Goes From Corporate Cog To Avon's Coffee King, And Never Looks Back

In these uncertain economic times, people holding on in the corporate world can take heart: If you're dropping by The Coffee Trade, prepare to be schooled.

The Avon coffee shop, which has been operating for about 20 years, has been owned by Dick and Joan Portfolio for the past 15. Over the years, Dick Portfolio has learned a few things.

He has learned that a person's choice for favorite coffee is as individual as a fingerprint.

He has learned more than one man should know about coffee. That's roasting, grinding brewing, and creating special coffees like his Obama blend, a mix of Hawaiian and Kenyan beans............

Dick Portfolio, the owner of The Coffee Trade in Avon, has created a blend of coffee named after President Barack Obama. He roasts the coffee in his Avon shop in which he has a roaster positioned in the retail sales room floor. (RICHARD MESSINA / HARTFORD COURANT / April 28, 2009)

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