Friday, May 15, 2009

good BUT it should have been longer

just on principal

a couple of years ago i met up with a group of friends at the elbow room. my first time there. i'm NOT a fan of the see and be seen scene in west hartford center. never have been in the max there or grants either. have been in briccos (yeah i know same owners as grants). you CANNOT beat the food. it's most excellent. i rather love murasaki as well.

anyway, my friend whose birthday it was chose the elbow room so i went. i ordered the portobello sandwich (don't know if it's still there but it was when i went). the server told me, SORRY BUT THAT'S JUST FOR LUNCH (it was about 4:00 pm when we went). i asked if there was bread and portobellos in the kitchen. yes there was, but i STILL COULDN'T HAVE MY SANDWICH. i was pissed. i ordered a drink. wished my friend a happy birthday and left, NEVER to return. so hell yeah i'm glad

Liquor License Suspended For One Day At West Hartford Center's The Elbow Room

WEST HARTFORD — - The state Liquor Control Commission has suspended the liquor permit of a popular restaurant and bar in West Hartford Center for one day, saying it sold alcohol to a minor.

The Elbow Room at 986 Farmington Avenue paid a fine of $3,000 for the violation, the commission stated in a press release today. The date of the suspension is May 26.........

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