Thursday, May 07, 2009

the connecticut post also has an article about

the shooting death of Johanna Justin-Jinish. as i said, what a tragedy. what a horror.

even though there is a surveillance photo of stephen morgan with a gun, we have to say 'alleged' when we call him (an alleged) murderer.

the 'alleged' murderer is still on the loose as of 2:16 am. there is nothing in the local media to suggest otherwise

to the family and friends of ms justin-jinish, i am so sorry for your loss

Wesleyan student fatally shot at bookstore
Junior shot in bookstore by man dressed in disguise

By Rob Varnon

MIDDLETOWN -- A manhunt was under way Wednesday after a Wesleyan University junior was fatally shot inside the university's off-campus bookstore, sending shock waves through this central Connecticut college community as authorities warned residents and students to stay inside.

Johanna Justin-Jinich, 21 of Timnath, Colo., was working behind the cash register at the Black and Red Cafe at 45 Broad St. near the Wesleyan campus when a man wearing a disguise came in and shot her several times.

"We're requesting people to be vigilant," Middletown police Lt. Margaret Liseo said during a news conference. "The suspect is believed to be armed and dangerous."

Police late Wednesday identified the suspect, saying they're looking for 29-year-old Stephen Morgan. It's unclear where he lives. A Wesleyan spokesman says he has no known connection to the university.

Police wearing camouflage and armed with assault rifles swarmed area streets with dogs as they searched for the gunman while Wesleyan officials urged students and staff to remain indoors.

The shooting comes as a national debate rages over the issue of guns on campus, which was underscored by a 2007 rampage at Virginia Tech University that left 32 students and faculty members dead. Against this backdrop of heightened security, Wesleyan officials responded quickly to the incident.......

freedom states alliance working to end gun violence in america


long island girl said...

this man has no reason to kill a person whatever his reasons are. we all extend our condolences to the victim. we just hope and pray that the suspect will pay the consequences that he deserves.

a rose is a rose said...

now, at least he's in custody. if he is guilty he MUST get what he deserves