Friday, May 29, 2009

cake was amazing

(my favorite cake song is mexico. they played it and i was thrilled).


their recorded music doesn't even do them justice. one MUST see them live and i'm so glad i did. great rapport with their audience. hell, THEY GAVE AWAY A TREE. yes. a REAL LIVE TREE (of course it wasn't full grown).

i don't do well in crowds but i held my own. i separated from my friends so i could stand up in back against a wall. even then i was claustrophobic BUT i didn't totally flip. i kept running into people i knew - that was cool too.

a lot of the webster theater audience were assholes BUT they sure did know ALL THE WORDS TO EVERY SONG and hell, THEY SANG ALONG AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS (me too a few times). as i said, they related to the audience and the audience sure related back to them. you could feel it in your soul and it made you feel warm and smiley inside.

come on now, cake endorses SOLID POTATO SALAD on their website:

stop by and check them out. great website, great songs, and seems like they sure are earth conscious as well. you go boyz!!! (and thanks for one wicked cool show) cake music

(shout out to julia, spiro, nate, allie, amy, eileen, brian, mike)

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