Saturday, April 04, 2009

wow, that's some gift

good for yale! (i would have liked it to be a scholarship fund - perhaps earning interest, but whatever.......50 mill is 50 mill)

$50 Million Gift To Create International Studies Institute At Yale

|The Hartford Courant
NEW HAVEN — - Yale University has received an "astonishing" $50 million gift to establish a new international studies institute to encourage students to pursue careers in diplomacy and global affairs.

The gift, announced Friday by university President Richard Levin, was from John W. Jackson, a 1967 Yale graduate, and his wife, Susan. University officials said the donation is one of the single-largest the university has received. They called it an inspiration during a rough economy and said the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs would make Yale even more competitive than it already is.

University officials had been in talks since last summer with Jackson and his wife, who live in New Jersey, but they weren't sure until Wednesday that the gift would become a reality.

"I was thrilled and surprised," Levin said. "And that really speaks to the loyalty and generosity of these donors. That, in times of economic hardship, that they would make an impressive donation. It will be an inspiration to students and faculty."...

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