Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a shout out to jumoke academy school

the website for jumoke academy isn't functioning yet. check back soon and see if it's up and running
for now, here's a little blurb

as you know, it's black history month. one of the events at work to celebrate and bring awareness to our 'campus' (i hate using corporate words but hey, that's how it is) was bringing some of the jumoke kids in. they have a flag parade (i believe they said they've had it for 8 years, but i could be mistaken). they also brought one of their choirs who sang two songs. the school is for k-8 and it looked like there was quite a mix of all of those ages. they had several flags from south africa to jamaica to ethiopia to puerto rico to portugal (i think there were 27 flags. somewhere around there). they had one flag bearer per flag and one speaker per flag. the speaker told us what their particular flags (colors and/or symbols usually) stood for. i'll tell you they did a GREAT job. i sure as heck couldn't memorize what those kids did. even the tiny ones kicked some serious butt.

thank you students at jumoke academy! i LOVED it

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