Monday, January 19, 2009


i can't IMAGINE sending home a permission slip on this one.

like helen outlines, we used to watch that crappy tv that was rolled into our classroom(s) for important events. space launches, perhaps an important figure coming to america and absolutely FOR SURE A PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATION. this IS america NO? (this is america YES). what bullshite about some religions don't 'believe' in elections. fine don't vote BUT AS A STUDENT IN AN AMERICAN SCHOOL ONE MUST LEARN ABOUT OUR GOVERNMENTAL PROCESSES. of course i'm NOT buying the religions reason 'excuse' by one bit. i'm also with helen on this one, even if it was ANOTHER bush in the white house, it is IMPERATIVE our children watch the inauguration. period

don't they have civics? hmmmmmmm
do we need permission slips to teach our children american history? wtf??????????????

Schools Don't Need Permission To Let Kids Witness History
Helen Ubiñas
Erin Scafe has signed so many permission slips for her kids it's become almost automatic. Yes, they can go on that field trip. How much? Sure, they're in for a bag lunch.

But the slip she recently got from Windsor's Clover Street School was different.

After some information about Tuesday's bag lunches, there was a question about fourth- and fifth-graders watching the presidential inauguration.

The school offered two options: I give my child permission. I don't.
Scafe was confused. Permission?

Shouldn't children be expected to be interested in American politics?

She scribbled her disappointment on the slip and suggested that it was a horrible mistake and very disturbing. It's not that she thinks it's racially or politically motivated, she later told me. She just can't imagine what the motivation could be. It's not a districtwide policy or anything.

"This is not a choice. This is what I expect from my educators. This is a public school."

Scafe's an unabashed Obama supporter. But, she said, she would have expected her children to watch the inauguration at school even if John McCain had won.

After we spoke, I was equally puzzled. Have we gotten so PC or partisan that we've completely lost our perspective?...........

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