Sunday, January 25, 2009

stupid west hartford criminals

hint to all the criminals committing (or thinking about committing a crime in west hartford) DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT do it in the kane street or elmwood area. shite, even i know (and i'm not a criminal) the police are ALWAYS busting people in those areas. read the papers, that's where a TON of busts in west hartford occur. mostly drugs. some weapsons too.

i do go to kane street every once in a while when i go to stop and shop and that's the route i take. i love stupid connecticut criminals. they're great!

West Hartford Police Street Crime Unit Looking For Trouble

|The Hartford Courant
WEST HARTFORD - In mid-sentence, Sgt. Jeremy Clark swings his unmarked cruiser into the rear lot of the Burger King at Kane Street and Prospect Avenue.

Fifteen seconds earlier, he was talking about what he learns from the people he arrests. Now he's rolling past a nondescript blue Nissan parked a short distance from a smattering of other cars, facing a stockade fence. He taps the license number into the computer, checks the information on the screen and looks back at the Nissan.

A visitor, sitting in the passenger seat of the cruiser, is only just now realizing Clark is keyed in on the Nissan. The visitor has no idea why.

It's late on a December morning. The sun is bright but offers little warmth. In the Elmwood section of West Hartford, a checkerboard of shopping plazas and industrial buildings, traffic is already thick, relentless............

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