Tuesday, December 09, 2008

this would be

kick ass IF it actually went into effect.

would execs think twice about their MILLIONS in bonuses and such? most likely NOT but at least WE WOULD KNOW EXACT AMOUNTS

i said this before (but i think on another blog), they told us a couple of weeks ago we were NOT going to get a raise this year (ours were to be given in march 2009). that wasn't totally a surprise to me. i'd rather have my job than a teeny raise any damn way.

but i DO want to know what all the big boys and grrrls of ALL companies (especially the public ones) are gonna get

State Orders Utilities To Disclose Executives' Compensation
By LYNN DOAN | ldoan@courant.com
State regulators have ordered all utility companies, including telephone and cable companies, to disclose the salaries and other compensation of their top executives each year.

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced Tuesday that the state the Department of Public Utility Control has granted his request to require all of the state's public utility companies to file a standardized compensation form each year and for the past two years.

Telecommunications providers AT&T and Verizon are fighting the order, arguing that they are not public utilities regulated by the state..........

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