Tuesday, December 02, 2008

let's just put aside what i think about hunting

really, let's do that because i have NOT ONE GOOD THING to say about the barbaric activity. not one

so we've put that aside. the killing animals part.

now, let's think about hunting on land that is designated a hunting-free SAFE wildlife preserve. a place where kids come, where people walk their dogs. a place where people never in a million years think they could be shot at

well it appears they CAN be shot at

Claims of hunting in
wildlife preserve

Count on 8 Investigates

North Branford (WTNH) - It's an area of land in Branford designated for a handful of outdoor activities. Hunting is not one of them. But one woman thinks that's happening anyway and she's reaching out to News Channel 8 for information.

Lori Beadreau, of North Branford, takes her dog Nicholis for a walk in the Poska Brook Wild Life Preserve to meet her friend Michelle McAdam, also of North Branford. It's a sanctuary for wildlife.

She took us to where she found deer carcasses and hunting stands. Animal parts are spread around the woods of what's left after hunters gutted the deer. It's a place where they are supposed to be safe from hunters.

"This is a place where people should be able to bring their families and we are nervous and very scared that one of our dogs is going to get shot or hit," McAdam said...........

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