Wednesday, December 31, 2008

i didn't know wtic was so effed up

but it is. i knew they were bordering though

it starts with them playing that george noory dude in the morning (when i say morning i mean 2 or 3 am here). the button is pre-set and it's usually on wtic when i turn on my car radio on my way to work in the morning. WHY? well because i've had it on wtic listening to colin mcenroe on my way home from work each day.

i actually LIKE listening to colin. i don't always agree with him, but i think he's intelligent, funny, witty, caustic and something special. if it's before 3:00 pm and i actually get that blob, flush limburger my hair stands on end. it's all ok when colin comes on though. he was a true treasure and wtic just made one gigantic mistake

i don't get a chance to listen to diane and ray in the morning so i can't say if i would have liked them or not. i do like her from watching and listening to her prior work. BUT TO EFFING FIRE HER TO GIVE VICEVICH MORE TIME? WTF is up with that? i happen to know 'buddy' (not well, i knew his first wife and met him a few times through her) and i didn't like him then and i sure as shite haven't grown to like him NOW.

i'll listen to wtic today because it's colin's last show. after that, EFF THEM. (and i'm thinking here, is tic leaning a bit to the right now? flush and buddy and goddess only knows who else...........hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......... i think i may have something here after all!!!)

colin, they made a mistake. a bad one. i will miss you on wtic BUT i hope this will lead to something mo' better for you (and for US, your 'adoring' public)

WTIC AM Purge: Diane Smith, Colin McEnroe
Roger Catlin
on December 30, 2008
The end of the year sweeps out two more local voices from Hartford talk radio.

New Year's Eve will be the last day for Diane Smith who has been half of "Mornings with Ray and Diane" for nine years on Hartford's WTIC AM. Out at the end of the year, too, is afternoon raconteur and fellow Courant blogger and columnist Colin McEnroe.

"After months of reporting on every aspect of the global economic slowdown," Smith said in an e-mailed announcement Tuesday, "I have a new angle to report: After 9 years on the air at WTIC-AM NewsTalk 1080, I will sign off as co-host of "Mornings with Ray and Diane" at 10am on 12/31/08."

She says she's in talks with the station to explore ways to continue to contribute. In the meantime, she is at work at developing a new weekly series for CPTV, "Connecticut on the Road" as she continues her series "Positively Connecticut" which will produce a fifth book for Globe Pequot Press.

"Most of all," she says, "I hope to find new ways to continue my unofficial role as a goodwill ambassador for Connecticut."........

Colin McEnroe, Diane Smith Laid Off at WTIC-AM"
Christopher Keating
on December 30
In a stunning announcement, longtime radio hosts Colin McEnroe and Diane Smith are leaving their posts at WTIC- AM radio.

McEnroe, a longtime columnist at The Hartford Courant, is a fixture in the afternoons from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a mix of newsmaker interviews and a conglomeration of witticisms that includes anything that comes to his mind at the moment. Smith is the morning radio partner of host Ray Dunaway at the most influential news and sports station in the state.

McEnroe clearly has had his own niche in the local radio world since 1992, frequently bantering with former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Curry as one of the most frequent guests through the years.

Steve Grant is reporting at that the station confirmed Tuesday that McEnroe and Smith have been laid off. Grant says that the new lineup begins Monday, January 5, with an afternoon "news block'' that will be anchored by reporters Bill Pearse and Aaron Kupec - focusing on both national and local stories.......

here's a link to colin's blog with two of his latest postings. the comments sections are to be read:

ruh roh!
balms away

oh and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let wtic KNOW why you will no longer be listening to wtic.....
here is the CONTACT INFO page

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