Wednesday, October 08, 2008

unfortunately this comes far too late

to have stopped those idiotic AND DANGEROUS (and useless and stupid and insane) traffic 'calming' islands on asylum avenue between steele and trout brook

west hartford LEAVE THE FIRE DEPARTMENT IN TACT (and the police and the schools too). no one wants THAT touched. what we want touched are projects like useless TRAFFIC CALMING ISLANDS WHERE THEY ARE NOT ONLY NOT WANTED THEY ARE NOT NEEDED

West Hartford Voters Again Reject Budget Plan

WEST HARTFORD - Voters on Tuesday shot down the $213.4 million budget, 6,152 to 4,844, and Mayor Scott Slifka said the council will consider about $800,000 worth of cuts when it meets to pass a new spending plan next Tuesday.

The budget passed in five of 20 voting districts. In June, only one voting district passed the budget.

Pete Lukawicz, 58, a home-improvement contractor, said he couldn't support the budget in this economic climate. It would have raised spending by $11 million, or 5.8 percent, though much of that is in salaries and benefits that are set by collective bargaining.

"I don't mind paying higher taxes for higher services, and I know costs are going up everywhere. I also think that people who work for the town should be paid commensurate with their private counterparts. But the tax increase over the last several years has exceeded the general inflation rate,'' said Lukawicz, a 12-year town resident........

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