Wednesday, August 27, 2008

vote N O in november

from NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut

This November, the Connecticut ballot will include the question, "Shall there be a Constitutional Convention to amend or revise the Constitution of the state?" Voters will be asked to vote “yes” or “no”.

The Family Institute of Connecticut, the state’s leading anti-choice group, is pushing for a “Yes” vote, with the intention of using a Constitutional Convention to ban abortion.

NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut is urging all members to Vote “NO” in order to squash this back-door approach at pushing an anti-choice agenda!

Our state’s legislators appoint delegates to the convention, and therefore have full control over who attends. These appointed delegates decide what will be proposed to the constitution. Many people fear that lobbyists, representatives from special interest groups, and party insiders will be appointed to the Constitutional Convention in order to move a radical, anti-choice agenda.

Please Vote No!

The state constitution has been amended 30 times since 1974--without holding a convention. We can make changes to the constitution without holding a taxpayer-funded convention during tight fiscal times!

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