Tuesday, August 19, 2008

even though we've never actually met

i like to think of andy thibault as a friend of mine.
i read his blog
the cool justic report daily (well i was 'off' a few weeks when my old laptop was dying)

here's a GREAT article on him in the
waterbury republican
(i've told andy this and i will tell YOU this as well. i'd NEVER want to cross him. he's a pitbull. and unlike the story's author, i don't think that is an insult). i've seen him get (figuratively) in the face of some folk that i too would want to biotch-slap and i've seen him (figuratively) take in people under his wing - that needed taking in.

here's to you andy!

and hey, i happen to LIKE pit bulls!

He'll get in your face Litchfield blogger always eager for a cause

Andy Thibault spends a lot of time in shorts and sandals watching rabbits nibble in his Litchfield backyard. When he feels up to it, he climbs the steep stairs of his Victorian home on a quiet, tree shaded street, turns on the computer and takes on the world.Muckraking may seem misplaced in such a bucolic setting, but it works just fine for a 55-year-old man trying to recover from stage 3 colon cancer while waging a feisty campaign that could have national significance in the free-speech arena.Through his news blog, "The Cool Justice Report," Thibault is the prime mover in an effort to challenge the punishment of Avery Doninger, a Lewis S. Mills High School student from Burlington, for critical remarks she made last year on her blog about school administrators.............

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