Wednesday, May 28, 2008

da liebs

at it AGAIN. honoring a man who spouts evil. spouts fear. spouts HATE.

instead of denouncing the lunacy, da liebs is embracing it
(when will they realize these types of 'christians' are praying for the day ALL of the jews are WIPED OUT and they (the 'christians') are left with the 'promised land'? they don't give two flying yoo hoos about jews. they just think god will wipe them (the jews) out along with all of the other infidels and they (the 'christians') will be left with ALL OF THE BOOTY including israel.
when will peeps (like da liebs) realize peeps (like hagee) want all jews dead?

Joseph Lieberman To Headline Upcoming Pastor Hagee Summit
Max Blumenthal
Senator Joseph Lieberman is scheduled to headline Pastor John Hagee's 2008 Christians United For Israel Washington-Israel Summit this July 22. In accepting Hagee's invitation, Lieberman became the most senior elected representative confirmed to appear at the annual gala. Last year, when Lieberman spoke at Hagee's summit, he compared the Texas televangelist to the biblical prophet Moses, dubbing him "an Ish Elochim," or "a man of God." Unless he rescinds his pledge to appear at this year's summit, Lieberman can be expected to deliver another soul-stirring tribute.
Hagee's vitriolic
condemnation of Catholicism, his jeremiad declaring Hurricane Katrina divine punishment for New Orleans' hosting of a "homosexual rally," and his generally disturbing apocalyptic theology became national news last February when John McCain accepted his endorsement in a widely publicized ceremony. ..........

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