Monday, April 28, 2008

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Woman With A Disabled Husband And Two Disabled Children Fights Foreclosure

Story By HILARY WALDMAN And Photos By Shana Sureck The Hartford Courant
Janet Catucci never planned to build a house big enough for three wheelchairs.She never imagined that the ramp in front, built when her son grew too big to carry up and down the front steps, would also become a gangway for her daughter — and then her husband.But in a life that seems to have thrown Janet and Tony Catucci Jr. quite a bit more than their fair share of bad luck, the house — at least until now — has been a haven, providing a measure of comfort for the family even as the odds of anything resembling a "normal" existence continued to stack up against them.The couple's first child, Tony Catucci III, was born in 1984, deaf, blind, epileptic and mentally retarded, his body crippled by cerebral palsy — the result of what doctors assured the Catuccis was a rare genetic misfire. But two years later, Ashley arrived with the same problem, and it became clear that Janet and Tony would carry an unthinkably heavy load. .......

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