Friday, March 21, 2008

of course there's a correlation

between people who abuse animals and people who abuse people

BOTH must stop
Animal Cruelty task force
By News Channel 8's Bob Wilson
(WTNH) _ Cruelty to animals may lead to violent behavior against humans. A new state task force will be looking into the correlation and what can be done.
Could an abused dog or cat be one of the first signs that someone else other than the family pet is being abused? Lawmakers announced the formation of the task force on animal cruelty and the circle of violence to look into just that."We know that when an animal is being abused, more than likely the children in the house hold are being abused," Diana Urbana, of North Stonington, said. So, while the task force will study the circle of violence -- pet professionals like animal control officers and workers at the Connecticut Humane Society in Newington -- are keeping their eyes open for abused animals.
"If we do find that and we do have the name, telephone number and address of the individual at that point we would call the police in that town and make a report," Alicia Wright, of the Connecticut Humane Society, said..............

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