Saturday, March 15, 2008

i guess he ain't so 'MAGNIFICANT' any more

is 23 years (i'm sure WAY less than that with parole) enough for someone who is guilty of forcing a TWELVE YEAR OLD GIRL into prostitution? my answer is HELL NO

and if you don't think this kind of thing goes on ALL of the time, think again

NY man convicted in human trafficking ring
Associated Press
NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- A New York man pleaded guilty Friday in New Haven federal court for his role in a human trafficking ring that forced adolescent and teenage girls to work as prostitutes and dancers.Corey "Magnificent" Davis, 36, of Queens, pleaded admitted to one count of sex trafficking of a minor before U.S. District Judge Janet C. Hall. Davis was arrested in December 2006 on several charges including sex trafficking, forced labor and transportation of a minor for immoral purposes. His trial was scheduled to begin on Monday. He has been detained since his arrest.As a result of the guilty plea, Davis agreed to a prison term of 23 years when he is sentenced on June 2. Federal prosecutors said a victims' fund also has been created from profits of the criminal enterprise........

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