Thursday, February 28, 2008

he's an ass

i really never thought i'd say it, but i did and i really think it too. in the past he has done some great things. he has made the us a safer place to live. now he's just pissing me off.

i really do see him as a self-centered, SELF-ABSORBED, look at me - i want attention because everyone else is getting it and i'm being ignored, type. sure, he has a RIGHT to run. but he has NOT a chance, not a prayer to win. why f**k things up? i'm not voting for hillary NO MATTER WHAT. if by some odd chance barack obama does not get the nomination and hillary does, i will NOT vote for any republican currently running for president nor WILL I VOTE FOR RALTH NADER. stop being a baby ralph, you're not doing anyone any good in this manner.
Nader Adamant He's Not The Spoiler (and i'm adamant he IS the spoiler)
By JESSE A. HAMILTON Washington Bureau Chief
WASHINGTON — - Ralph Nader gets the same questions over and over. Why would he want to steal votes from the Democrats? Why does he insist on these third-party stunts? How come he wants to spoil the election?To which the stubborn Connecticut native replies: Why aren't more people doing it?It's become something of a habit for the man from Winsted, now entering his fifth encounter with presidential politics. In an interview Tuesday, still in the first few days of his latest campaign, Nader wields his usual Socratic method, asking as many questions as he answers. "Why are they so keen on denying voters the free choice of their candidates?" Or, if other candidates want him to stay out, "Why don't they pick up these progressive issues?".......

he does have a point though, when he says this:

"The Democrats have got to stop whining, stop scapegoating and look in the mirror and ask how they've continually lost instead of landsliding in election after election against the worst Republican Party in history," Nader said.But he added something about his home state senators: "Dodd's silence on Lieberman is really amazing."Lieberman, who describes himself as an "independent Democrat," has been campaigning for the Republican front-runner, Sen. John McCain. Nader said Dodd is willing to openly criticize him (Dodd also called Nader's announcement "somewhat of a yawn") but not his fellow senator. "Why doesn't he look at Lieberman as imperiling the prospects of the Democratic candidate? It's political bigotry.".......

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