Tuesday, January 22, 2008

it is january 22nd. blog for choice day

Blog for Choice Day

and it is the anniversary of roe v. wade. this year we've been asked why we 'vote' pro choice. well i don't think of myself as 'voting' pro choice. i just think of myself as PRO CHOICE. NO, NOT PRO ABORTION. PRO CHOICE. there is a great difference. i don't advocate abortion. i do advocate birth control and reproductive EDUCATION.

however, when a woman chooses to have an abortion, it is her right to do so. it is her right to feel safe doing so. it is her right for that choice to remain PRIVATE if it is her decision to have it so. it is her right to have a choice if there are health reasons (hers or that of the fetus). it is her right to have a choice if there are circumstances which may make having a child a tragedy. it is her choice and should be respected. it is her choice and NOT some old white rich dude's choice. it is HER choice and not YOUR GOD'S choice.

in almost all cases it is not an easy choice. but it is HER choice to make. it is HER BODY and HER MIND AND HER HEART.

we must never let back room abortions take place again. we must protect this choice we have and not let it be taken away by those who speak false words and judge us as evil. (by the way even those that 'oppose' choice have had abortions. they keep it deeply hidden because of the stigma they perceive. they keep it deeply hidden because of how their families and their men will react. well we all know many many many women who have made the choice to terminate a pregnancy. and yes, they DO come from all walks of life. all religions and all political views)

it's MY choice and i'm not letting YOU or anyone else take it from me


bear said...

If I had a blog, here's what I'd be blogging today: Denying women access to reproductive services of any kind is denying women access to health care, and denying anyone access to health care REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!

Nope. Not going back to the bad old days. Sorry.

a rose is a rose said...

thank you for stopping by bear. and i'm with you. NOPE we're NOT going back to the coat hanger days EVER