Tuesday, January 15, 2008

both of THESE 'men' should be in a cage

for the rest of their lives. this is one of THE worst cases i have ever heard about.

Plainville animal cruelty
by News Channel 8's Annie Rourke
Plainville (WTNH) _ Two brothers are charged in a horrifying case of animal abuse. This comes after a pet pit bull bites a young boy's arm.
A very disturbing case in Plainville. Police say, a little boy was taken to the hospital after being bitten on the arm by his uncle's pit bull. But it didn't end there. Now, that boy's father is behind bars, while his uncle is facing charges. And, the dog has been put down.
No one is home at the Farmington Avenue house in Plainville where the brothers live. Severino Cruz, 32, and 27-year-old Enrique Cruz were both arrested. This comes after a horrific crime occurred Sunday afternoon. A three-year-old pit bull, kept in a cage in the basement, got loose and bit Severino's 8-year-old son Nick.
Police say the bite was no severe but enough for him to get checked out.
"The dog bit the son Nick," Captain Peter Costanzo of the Plainville Police Department said. "At which point, Enrique took Nick to the hospital for treatment."
When the father heard about the attack, he took matters into his own hands. "Severino came home at that point in time and in a fit of rage, took a power drill and drilled the dog's head several times," Costanzo said.
The dog, back in the cage at this time, had no way to get away.
"He held the dog by his collar with his chain and drilled the holes in the dog," Costanzo noted................


Anonymous said...

This sick shit should have just one hole drilled in his head...from a gun. I'm sure that will be taken care of in prison.

a rose is a rose said...

i cannot advocate that. i cannot advocate harm to anyone. prison YES