Wednesday, October 10, 2007

pauline basso is up for re election

i'd think twice about voting for her if that's what you plan on doing

how horrid is this?
Danbury politician apologizes for racist e-mails
by News Channel 8's Erin Cox
Danbury (WTNH) _ A Republican councilwoman from Danbury has sent an apology to the NAACP for sending racist e-mails to her friends.
News Channel 8 obtained copies of the offensive e-mails distributed by Pauline Basso. The e-mails take shots at illegal immigrants, Muslims and Africans.
"I'm just appalled. I can't believe someone who has a position as she does would do this," said Danbury resident Sonnie Council.
Rev. Ivan Pitts of the NAACP says, "We are outraged, deeply concerned and insulted."
In Danbury, undocumented workers have been a hot button issue.
"It is scary that someone in elected office is sharing these feelings," said Wilson Hernandez of the Ecuadorian Civic Center........

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