Sunday, September 02, 2007

because west hartford center isn't crowded enough

(can there BE any more SUVs in any other town???) - on september 12th, the second cow parade will begin.

ok ok, i LIKE the cows. they're cool. i go VERY early in the morning before anything opens up.
(and i had no idea the inventor was from west hartford)
and if you click the link, besides the rest of the article, there is an interactive cow painting graphic!

There's Moola In Them Thar Cows

By JANICE PODSADA Courant Staff Writer

WEST HARTFORD - Who would think Connecticut is home to a herd of globe-trotting cows?Beaded, bejeweled, bronzed, sometimes even be-winged, these painted ladies have popped up on six continents.Since 1999, more than 50 cities have held cow parades. Typically sponsored by the local business community, the parades - really outdoor exhibits - feature lifesize, fiberglass cow sculptures that have been fancifully decorated by local artists.
But whether the cow parade is in New York City, Moscow, Paris, Istanbul or Harrisburg, Pa., it originates in West Hartford, home to CowParade Holdings Corp.Founded by Jerry Elbaum, 67, a West Hartford lawyer, the privately held company's business consists of selling the licensing rights and providing expertise to people who want to hold an official cow parade in their city.A cow parade is a deceptively simple event: A city contracts with CowParade Holdings and the company joins with a local partner who then solicits local sponsors and artists. A year later, the whimsical cows make their debut........

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