Monday, July 02, 2007

a shout out (a BIG one) to my friend lk

tyshawn and lk

mikey relaxin'

chris and lk

alli tyshawn katie and of course lil' gizmo

she just got back from a few days in new orleans. what was she doing you ask? sure, she went out and had fun during the evenings. during the day she was BUILDING HOUSES FOR HABITAT! that's so very wicked cool

alli katie and lk


Anonymous said...

You should have gone to New Orleans to help out on the Habitat trail. I'm sure they could have used either a concrete specialist or someone who knows their way around a broom!!! I hope they checked the ladders to make sure they were regulation legal???

Guess ho errrr I mean who?

a rose is a rose said...

since the hartford habitat has FORBIDDEN me from screwing in any more sub floors, i think i WILL have to go to new orleans........

miss you baby (did you see my ketchup dedication - it's on my other blog. )