Friday, July 13, 2007

plan b at one way fare (in simsbury) will open today!!!

last night it opened for the friends and family gathering. plan b in west hartford also (almost EXACTLY one year to the day) had the day before 'friends and family'. i don't do people well (as my friend joe says, there will be people there, so a rose is a rose will NOT be there) so i decided NOT to attend. what i DID do though, is stop by in the afternoon. shawn, jen, al, ryan, joe, paul and a BUNCH of other people were putting the finishing touches on. i was literally AMAZED. what they did was astounding. they kept ALL of the charm of one way fare (i know EVERYONE was so very worried about losing that historic place) BUT made it PERFECT. i tell you it's perfect.

now remember, they were putting the finishing touches on BEFORE friends and family night.

(i am SO impressed you guys-a most OUTSTANDING job you ALL did!!!)

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