Tuesday, July 17, 2007

here he is

YOUR (not mine, i didn't vote for him) senator. i want NOTHING to do with him, other than to boot his ass OUT of the senate and ALL politics for that matter.
well here he is, your ONE TRICK PONY

Lieberman continues staunch stand on Iraq War

by News Channel 8's Mark Davis

(Hartford-WTNH) _ A year ago, Senator Joe Lieberman was in the final weeks of a bruising primary election he would eventually lose over his support for the war in Iraq.
As of today, Lieberman is the sole member of Congress from Connecticut not calling for a troop withdrawal from Iraq. Fourth District Congressman Chris Shays has recently announced that he wants all troops out by the end of next year.
Many Republicans are even abandoning the president and despite that, Lieberman says he does not feel like he's being isolated now by both political parties and the public.
"A retreat would be major American defeat and a victory for Al Qaeda and Iran," said Lieberman. ......

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