Saturday, April 21, 2007

save a sato

(spay and neuter ALL pets. just do it)

if you're up for a new cat or dog, why not think of adopting a SHELTER ANIMAL. they can give you just as much love and pleasure (if not more) than any dog or cat from a breeder (or goddess knows elsewhere)

New Life For Strays Rescuing Puerto Rico's Street Dogs From Unspeakable Cruelty

By ANN MARIE SOMMA Courant Staff Writer

The dogs arrive into Bradley International Airport on an American Airlines flight in the dark of night. They've endured a long journey in crates in the belly of the plane, but their search for food, water, shelter and love is over.
They were rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico by volunteers, and having landed in the United States mainland, they are headed to an animal shelter in Danbury where they will be put up for adoption. The San Juan-based Save A Sato organization (sato means mixed breed in Puerto Rican slang; it is pronounced saw-toe) has been rescuing homeless and abused dogs on the tropical island, a commonwealth of the United States, and giving them a second chance at a good life on the mainland. ................

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