Wednesday, April 04, 2007

blue state coffee - check it out!

wow, an 18 year old with a heart and soul and conscience. andrew, i'm going to check out your website AND i wish you much luck in your venture.

blue state coffee

Liberal Causes Suit Start-Up Coffee Company's Tastes

By JANICE PODSADA, Courant Staff Writer

The average American drinks an estimated 23 gallons of coffee a year - about 400 cups, according to a recent study.Add a dollop of foam or flavor, and a cup of designer joe at a coffee shop can cost more than $4.
Those high prices didn't escape 16-year-old Andrew Ruben's notice as he and his father stood in line at a Wallingford coffee shop two years ago."It made me wonder, where is the money going?" said Ruben, who is now 18 and one of the founders of Blue State Coffee LLC, a Hartford-based coffee company.............

.............With everyone downing so much java, they reasoned, why not start a coffee company that donates a portion of its profits to worthwhile causes and organizations?In September 2006, they launched Blue State Coffee, a for-profit company. Right now, the company has only a website, but this June it's planning to open its first coffee shop in Providence................

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