Thursday, August 03, 2006

i'm cranky today

well crankIER today i should say. i'm staying at my dad's for a couple of days due to the heat. i live on the third floor of a three family with NO ac so i think i would literally die if i were to sleep home this week.

last night i went to bed (in my OLD bed from when i was a teenager) and suddenly awakened a short time later. my dad wasn't home but my sister (who lives with him was). turns out i woke up because there was no power in my room. my sister was running all of the lights, the tv, the fans AND the ac and the washer and dryer and blew a fuse. not all of the power was out just the power that would keep me cool. she tracked the old man down who finally came home and after another 30 mintues found the blown fuse. of course he didn't have any that size so he had to go find one. ANOTHER 30 or 45 minutes later, he was back. well he eventually replaced the fuse and i was cool again, but day um, i got LESS than my normal 3 or 4 hours. so if you know me STAY AWAY FROM ME TODAY (it's for your OWN good)

Heat Wave Scorches State

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