Monday, March 06, 2006

the morning after pill

DOES NOT CAUSE AN ABORTION. IT IS AN (EMERGENCY) CONTRACEPTIVE. it PREVENTS conception. if you ARE pregnant and take this pill it will NOT effect your pregnancy.

if you don't want to take a contraceptive DON'T. no one is forcing you. if a woman is raped and taken to the hospital, she is NOT going to be thinking 'oh don't take me here or there they don't offer the morning after pill'. she is going to be thinking HELP ME. that's all just HELP ME. part of that help is being allowed to have the morning after pill IF that is what SHE decides. it's up to HER not YOU.

Protest held in Waterbury over proposed Morning After Pill bill

(Waterbury-WTNH, Mar. 5, 2006 6:35 PM) _ Should a Catholic hospital be forced to offer the morning after pill?
That's a question generating plenty of debate.
This afternoon members of Connecticut's Right to Life group rallied in Waterbury.
They are opposed to a bill that would require Catholic hospital to provide emergency contraception victims of rape.
by News Channel 8's Jamie Muro
It stands to be one of the most controversial topics discussed during this legislative session in Hartford. Rape victims in the state may soon be able to obtain emergency contraception at any hospital, including Catholic hospitals, if a bill being considered is passed. ...........

Rivals Blast Rell Stance

Catholic Hospitals, Rape Victims At Issue
By MARK PAZNIOKAS Courant Staff Writer March 4 2006
Gov. M. Jodi Rell's defense of the right of Catholic hospitals in the state to withhold emergency contraceptives from rape victims was criticized Friday by the two Catholic mayors running for governor.Stamford Mayor Dannel P. Malloy held a press conference with his wife, who runs a rape crisis center, to denounce Rell's position as "completely unacceptable, unreasonable and, quite frankly, shocking."New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. issued a statement equally critical of Rell's suggestion that rape victims could get the emergency contraceptive, known as Plan B, at a non-Catholic hospital."Patients don't always choose what hospital to seek care at, and to expect a woman who has been raped and examined and tormented to go from hospital to hospital to receive treatment is ludicrous," DeStefano said.Malloy and DeStefano, who are vying for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, each endorsed pending legislation that would require all hospitals to offer emergency contraceptives to rape victims.Earlier this week, Rell said she was comfortable with the status quo..............


fatrobot said...

leave it to catholics to treat a rape victim like shit

sing it loud sister

Joel said...

Yeah, like inflicting large sums of money on anybody who even claims to have been molested by a priest. How heartless.

But don't be too worried about it, fatrobot, because at this rate, the church will be forced to leave those victims completely untreated. And everybody else who wants healthcare. The Church simply cannot dispense this pill. It's Church law, and the state doesn't have any control over that. If the state places them in a position of either offering the pill or getting out of the business altogether, there's only one option.

a rose is a rose said...

fatrobot, i am talking catholics here because that is what the articles have been about AND the protests have been from catholics.

people who have been assaulted in this manner (rape) are treated like shite by LOTS of people, religion doesn't enter into it. i have seen doctors, nurses, police and others be horrid. on the OTHER hand, i have also seen them ALL be angels (more so than not).

joel, there ARE kids and kids who are now adults who HAVE been molested by priests but that is another story for another time.

no one is asking a priest or a nun to dispense ANY contraceptives unless of course they practice medicine as well. if i am raped on asylum avenue in hartford, saint francis hospital is the closest. that is where they would bring me and that is where i would ask for and MUST get 'the morning after' pill. it does NOT cause an abortion. i know contraception is against catholic teaching but it is forgivable is it not? i'm not asking for myself mind you. i left my catholicism behind long ago. MY GOD would forgive me (well MY GOD would have nothing to forgive actually)

Joel said...

But it would still be a grave sin for ANY Catholic (not just a priest or a nun) to administer the pill. I can't argue whether it actually is an abortifacient or not – I'm not that knowledgeable in biochemistry – but the Church defines it as one, and mandates automatic excommunication for anybody who paticipates in its use. And yes, God does forgive, but the fact that forgiveness exists afterward is no excuse for committing a deliberate sin. The state of Connecticut is essentially telling Catholic hospital personnel that they are required by law to excommunicate themselves from their religion.

And just to be clear, I wasn't being flippant about pervo-priests and the damage they've caused. Fatrobot's comment just got my goat is all. :)

a rose is a rose said...

i know fatrobot upset you and i'm sorry about that.

i believe there are pedophiles EVERYWHERE, it's NOT confined to the catholic church. my issue with that is the hiding it under the rug, the transfers of offending priests.

it is my opinion the catholic church isn't in 2006. i am NOT preaching abortion. as i said, my personal beliefs regarding my own choice(s) are most likely not too different from yours. the choice to have one MUST be there i feel. i certainly AM preaching birth control though. the catholic church teaches even a man with aids (or woman) should NOT use a condom EVEN IF THEY ARE MARRIED. that to me is absurd. it's absurd a family that has far too many children to feed cannot practice birth control if they are catholic. as i said, i know MANY who do. i am NOT trying to anger you. i respect you as a matter of fact.

Joel said...

I'm not angry at all, Rose. I'm sorry I got snotty with Fatrobot on your turf. :)

the catholic church teaches even a man with aids (or woman) should NOT use a condom EVEN IF THEY ARE MARRIED.

I don't know the actual text of this in canon law, but I do know that birth control pills are permitted if they're not for the purpose of birth control (I'm told they can be taken for other conditions as well). I imagine the same goes for condoms between married people, but I'd have to do more research.

But at the same time, birth control and abortion are two different things for Catholics. We abstain from BC because of our Catholic faith, but we don't consider that binding on non-Catholics, any more than orthodox Jews get upset at our eating bacon and eggs. We consider it a misuse of sex, and so a sin, but other people's private sins aren't really our business. (Although I'd be pretty cheesed if the state tried to require me to contracept, too.)

As for having too big a family, well, my wife and I have six, and it'll be seven within about a month. (It's a "Yours, mine and ours" situation.) I do respect your feelings on family size, and I don't blame you at all for not wanting a ton of kids, but honestly, it looks a lot more intimidating when you're looking from the outside. Our oldest is 17, the youngest – and at our age, probably last – will be coming into a house with a whole army of older siblings. One or two kids are emotionally draining on parents because you're all they have to depend on. After a few more, they all take care of each other. :)

Joel said...

And incidentally, I've supported those kids on less than $10 an hour. I'm doing a little better now, but it's not all that much more expensive to take care of a few more kids, especially when my wife stays home. That actually makes it cheaper in the long run thhan if she went to work. It's not the solution for everyone, but it works out well for us. :)

a rose is a rose said...

congratulations on the impending birth of your child joel.

i hold children dear. for ME there are far too many children already in the world. children who need help, who need parents, who need food and shelter and LOVE.

i have a friend who has FIFTEEN brothers and sisters. i don't judge HIS family and i'm not judging yours. i am only speaking about ME and how i feel about family size.

it's tough to raise a family on ANY amount of money.

fatrobot said...

i'll keep my comments to myself from now on

a rose is a rose said...

that is NOT necessary fatrobot