Monday, February 06, 2006

more on the sexual assault at uconn (that 'wasn't' a sexual assault)

from the daily campus

Case Sparks Sex Assault Debate
By: Andy Silva
Issue date: 2/6/06 Section: News

An incident in which three men, who were at the time UConn students but have since left the university, allegedly ejaculated onto a woman in a UConn dormitory last fall has caused a local stir and has led some to call for a change in the state's sexual assault statutes.According to a story first reported last Friday in the Hartford Courant, Jared Skvirsky, 20, of Brookline, Mass., Martin Piscottano, 19, of Somers and Zak Brohinsky, 19, of Simsbury, were charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency in connection to a Sept. 24 incident. UConn Police Maj. Ronald Blicher told The Daily Campus Friday that the incident occurred on Sept. 24, and that the woman reported the incident on Sept. 27. According to arrest warrant affidavits cited in the Courant story, Skvirsky brought the woman back to his dorm room in Watson Hall after meeting her at a party at the Carriage House Apartments complex. The two started kissing, but the woman stopped and decided to stay in the room on a futon because she did not feel safe walking home by herself, according to the Courant story. According to the affidavit cited in the Courant story, both had been drinking but neither was drunk. According to an affidavit cited in the Courant story, Brohinsky and Piscottano returned to the room a short time later and tried to wake the woman up, but could not. The three men then proceeded - according to an affidavit cited in the Courant story - to watch pornography on a computer and take turns ejaculating onto the woman. The affidavit cited by the Courant stated that when she woke up the next day, she felt something and initially thought she drooled on herself. The woman asked Skvirsky what was on her face, and he claimed he didn't know, according to the affidavit cited in the Courant story. However, the next day Skvirsky sent an instant message to the woman telling her that she had been ejaculated on and that the men had been "really drunk," according to the affidavit cited in the Courant story. Brohinsky and Piscottano got together and Piscottano wrote a story they all planned on memorizing in case the woman went to the police and they were questioned, and e-mailed the story to the woman hoping that she would believe it and not come forward to the police, according to an affidavit cited in the Courant story. Blicher told The Daily Campus that Skvirsky and Piscottano were arrested on Nov. 12 and Brohinksy, who is the son of University Communications director Scott Brohinky, was arrested on Nov. 18. Scott Brohinsky was out of the University Communications office Friday afternoon, and thus was unavailable for comment. He had declined comment in the Courant story. ..........


Anonymous said...

i work with marty and lemme tell u, its so funny the way people take his side and say what he did wasnt sexual assault....according to my boss when marty started his oh so "rediculous" sentence of 75 days, he called his mom crying because he was sent to hartford prison and he "couldnt take it"...poor little marty.....its not like he was a "given everything they needed, rich, white kid with a mustang"...apparently my boss knows someone in the prison system and somehow made a deal for them to switch marty to osbourne, in at home ,and safe from the murderers and rapists...yay! everyones happy now...the funniest thing of all is martys parents are throwing him a "new beginnings" party for when he gets out of jail...i hate somers kids

a rose is a rose said...

there are even WORSE assaults (the teenager who was passed out, raped by 3 or 4 young men, VIDEOTAPED and all the men GOT off. even though one of those men took off for a while pre-trial to bosnia or someplace like that).

my blood is boiling once again

CrimsonSorrow said...

The world we live in gets more disgusting every day. Many of the youth this generation are ignorant, crude, mean, lazy, illiterate etc. It makes me incredibly sad to see how low we have become in this country. There is no common sense, no honor, pride, motivation, no sense of right and wrong, no one seems to care anymore at all about anything. This weighs heavy on my mind, heart, and soul. An incredible sadness overwhelms me and I long to be brought back to a more innocent time, when people genuinely cared about being good and good to each other. Our health, body and minds have degraded so greatly because we have polluted everything from the food we eat to how children are being raised, media, TV, the internet, mistreatment of animals, our children, everything that is right and good and pure. The arts, literacy no one cares anymore it seems, about much of anything. How do we begin to change a world and its people in ruin?

a rose is a rose said...

we CAN change it one person at a time. if you don't give up and i don't give up, there are two of us right there. then we'll spread our word and there will be MORE. we can never let evil, sloth, bullyism (if that's a word) take over. the good will prevail